What is dropshipping | what are the steps to work with it 2023

Dropshipping is a type of e-commerce that falls under the umbrella of online business. This business model involves creating an online store and selling products without needing to own your own inventory. In this case, products are delivered to customers by a third party that handles the entire sales process and ships the products on your behalf.

What is dropshipping

In essence, the concept of dropshipping can be summarized in this way. However, it should be noted that this field involves specific details, precise steps, and the use of particular tools. It also requires knowledge and experience to achieve success.

In this article, I will provide you with a comprehensive practical guide to help you get started in the world of dropshipping and achieve sustainable profits. Therefore, do not consider this article merely as a theoretical introduction to dropshipping, but rather as a practical guide you can rely on to build your success in this promising and innovative field.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a term composed of two words, but it is often referred to as a single word and is usually written as "Dropshipping" and it is a type of e-commerce that fits within the realm of online business.

In the dropshipping model, the online store does not maintain an inventory of products but relies on a third party. When a buyer orders a specific product from the online store, this order is transferred to a third party, which is often a wholesaler, an extensive supplier, or a manufacturer. 

This third party handles the direct shipping of the product to the buyer.

In the dropshipping model, the online store serves as an intermediary between the buyer and the supplier, and profits are derived from the difference between the selling price to the buyer and the purchase price from the third party."

The most important features of dropshipping

In this discussion, we won't directly delve into the advantages and disadvantages of dropshipping. Instead, we will focus on the characteristics that distinguish and define this type of business. 

By understanding these characteristics, you can anticipate the challenges you might encounter and grasp the opportunities and advantages that you can find in your dropshipping venture.

You don't necessarily have to own an online store to start dropshipping

Many marketers utilize popular online platforms as an alternative means to showcase their products. For example, platforms like eBay can be used as a medium to display products sourced from AliExpress through the dropshipping model.

In this model, when an eBay visitor views one of the displayed products and makes a purchase, the marketer, in turn, places a similar purchase order from AliExpress. The latter then ships the product directly to the buyer's address.

Furthermore, social media platforms can also be effectively employed as a means to showcase and market products.

In drop shipping, your store does not play a major role in the trade process

Commerce relies on several fundamental pillars, including the manufacturer responsible for production, the wholesaler who purchases products from manufacturers for resale to retail stores, and the retailer who sells products directly to the end consumer. 

It's worth noting that retailers represent the majority of online stores in general.

In the dropshipping model, your online store transforms into a communication channel connecting the consumer with the wholesaler or manufacturer offering dropshipping services.

This model allows for efficient business management without the need to own a private inventory, making it an appealing option for many online entrepreneurs.

Drop shipping does not require a lot of capital

As the owner of a dropshipping store, you will initiate the purchase from the wholesaler once you receive an order from the consumer. In this model, there's no need for you to maintain a product inventory. This means you won't require a large capital to start this type of business.

However, it's essential to be aware that there are other expenses you should consider. This includes the costs of establishing and maintaining your own online store, as well as expenses related to marketing and advertising to attract more customers to your store.

Therefore, despite not needing significant capital to begin dropshipping, you should take these additional expenses into account to ensure the long-term success of your business.

You don't necessarily have to rely on a single source for products

In the dropshipping model, you can showcase thousands of products from entirely different sources (these sources will be mentioned later). This diversity in products represents a significant advantage as it can attract more buyers and contribute to increased sales.

However, it's crucial to consider the flip side of this diversity, where buyers might feel uneasy in some cases. For instance, if a buyer purchases products from different sources simultaneously, they may expect these items to arrive at the same time since they assume they're from a single store. 

As a dropshipping store owner, you must be prepared for this scenario, clearly explain it to buyers, and provide the necessary support to ensure their satisfaction.

Dropshipping makes the e-commerce process very easy

The simple concept behind dropshipping offers the opportunity for anyone with basic skills to enter the world of e-commerce.

While this is a significant advantage for you as an entrepreneur, it also presents a challenge due to the substantial increase in competition in the dropshipping field. This heightened competition naturally forces a reduction in profit margins to achieve good sales.

I believe you now have a good understanding of dropshipping, but the vision will become even clearer in the upcoming sections as we outline the practical steps to enter the world of dropshipping.

How to start dropshipping in 5 steps

In fact, during my practical experience in the field of online business, I haven't seen a truth as clear as the following: "Success online is not achieved by those who want everything.

Choose a specific type of product to sell via dropshipping

What does this mean? It means that to succeed in profit from dropshipping, you need to specialize in a specific type of product. Yes, the idea of freedom to choose products is tempting in the world of dropshipping, but the concept of owning a specialized and well-known brand in a specific product category is a very important key to your success.

In reality, there are many details that I can help you within this regard, which will enable you to specialize intelligently and thoughtfully. However, since we plan to publish a dedicated article on this topic,

I'll briefly mention some simple tips:

  • Follow your passion: This might seem like an unprofessional piece of advice, but in reality, the secret to the success of many businesses in all fields is that there are people behind them who have a passion and interest in what they offer.
  • Use tools: There are many tools that can help you understand the market needs you want to target. Some of these tools include:
  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Google Trends
  • Join social media groups: Social media platforms are a very important tool that allows you to understand the needs of your target audience. Just join relevant groups and be amazed at the information you can gather.

I'll stop at these three points for now, and let's move on to the second step of the dropshipping profit steps.

Building an online store

There are many solutions and options available for creating an online store, and these solutions vary in terms of cost and ease of use. However, any of them can be relied upon to create an online store for dropshipping purposes.

In an article on the steps to create an online store, we discussed these options in detail. Here's a brief overview of each:

  • Custom Development Companies:

This represents the most costly option and is the slowest to implement. It's not suitable for beginners but is the optimal solution for large stores with unique specifications.

  • WordPress with WooCommerce:

This is the most cost-effective option and requires some skills to work with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin. However, with some time and effort, anyone can manage it easily. Since WordPress is open-source software, you'll find plenty of tutorials and resources to learn about it.

  • E-commerce Platforms:

Specialized e-commerce platforms provide an integrated solution for creating an online store. They provide you with all the features and capabilities you need in exchange for a recurring fee (monthly). This option is the most widely used and prevalent in the world of drop shipping, as it's the easiest solution available. These platforms literally offer you everything you need, and they provide support services when needed.

It's worth mentioning that Shopify is the top platform globally in terms of usage in the world of dropshipping. It offers all the tools and features you need to set up your store for dropshipping quickly and easily. Therefore, it's highly recommended by successful drop shippers.

Additionally, there are many courses and educational resources that explain dropshipping specifically through the Shopify platform.

Contracting with Dropshipping Wholesalers

This is an extremely important and sensitive point. There are many suppliers who rely on the dropshipping model, and they can be wholesalers, large retailers, or even manufacturers.

You should make your decisions carefully and based on your specific circumstances, such as the target market (the country in which you want to sell your products), whether the supplier allows shipping to that country or not, the type of products you want to sell, the prices offered by suppliers, and how well they align with your strategy.

Here is a list of the most important websites that offer dropshipping services for stores:

  1. AliExpress: The largest wholesale e-commerce platform, where you can find thousands of suppliers in various product categories who offer dropshipping.
  2. Oberlo: An easy-to-use dropshipping platform that offers a variety of products.
  3. SaleHoo: A website that provides lists of top wholesalers worldwide and offers a great community for dropshipping professionals.
  4. Worldwide Brands: One of the oldest and most reputable dropshipping websites.

These websites provide different sources for products and help you choose suppliers that match your needs in the dropshipping business.

Setting the payment method for buyers and suppliers

When working in the dropshipping business, you need to set up a payment method for the buyers who shop at your store, as well as determine how you will pay your suppliers with whom you are doing business.

There are many options available in this context, and one of the most prominent ones is PayPal. It is a widely accepted payment method by the majority of suppliers. Additionally, you can easily set up a PayPal account on your online store to receive payments from buyers with ease and security.

Create a marketing plan and build a brand for your store

Your success in dropshipping depends significantly on your marketing efforts and how effectively you promote your store to potential buyers. This includes running advertising campaigns on social media platforms and using Google Ads.

It's important to note that marketing starts with aspects like pricing strategies and carefully targeting the right market. This includes understanding your target audience, conducting market research, and creating compelling advertising and marketing strategies to attract and retain customers.

Now, my friend, after you've learned the steps to start dropshipping, it's time for me to guide you to a fantastic set of resources that will enable you to master dropshipping and achieve excellent profits, just like the pros do.

5 very important tips for success in dropshipping

In the crowded and competitive world of drop shipping, earning customer loyalty is of utmost importance to ensure the continued success of your business. You must build a strong brand for your online store and utilize effective marketing channels on social media platforms. Additionally, making your store user-friendly and fast to navigate, as well as using high-quality images, is essential to attract buyers.

  • Carefully Choose Your Products:

Selecting the right products is the key to success in dropshipping. It is advisable to rely on products that follow market trends and current needs. Success can also be achieved by choosing small, inexpensive products with no big brand presence.

  • Allocate a Large Marketing Budget:

Marketing plays a critical role in dropshipping, so setting aside a substantial marketing budget is essential. You can leverage online advertising campaigns and target specific audiences to increase your sales.

  • Price Your Products Carefully:

Pricing your products correctly is of paramount importance. You must find the perfect balance between profitability and price attractiveness for customers. Conduct experiments to determine price points that are most appealing to customers while remaining profitable for you.

  • Stay Updated on Trends and Improve Performance:

Stay constantly informed about market trends and monitor how customers interact with your products. Continuously analyze data and improve the performance of your store to meet customer needs and increase your chances of success in the world of dropshipping.

These tips will help you build a successful strategy in the field of dropshipping and achieve sustainable success.


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